Delicious all natural food your cat will love

A uniquely formed recipe with specially selected ingredients. My muezza offers your feline the wholesome nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle.

Our Recipe

At My Muezza, we believe in feeding our cats the best we can. Our recipe is filled with natural, premium ingredients & seasoned with a heap-full of love

Our Story

Behind our brand, we are an ordinary family of cat lovers who strongly hold onto our morals & values- which is what makes My Muezza so special

Our Products

Our premium cat food has been passionately prepared with only the finest halal ingredients, ensuring your feline will be left meowing for more

What's in our food?

We wanted to create a premium, palatable & halal recipe for all felines. At My Muezza, we sincerely believe love is the most important ingredient.

     Halal chicken – Rich in protein which helps maintain healthy skin, coat & muscles
     Brown rice – High in fibre which aids the digestive system (helps food to be digested more easily due to its fibre content)
     Maize – A rich source of fatty acids. They serve an important role in the immune system & nervous system.
     Fishmeal – Omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy skin & coat

     Potato protein – Contains nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 & Potassium
     Vitamin C – An antioxidant which helps protect cells as they age
     Vitamin B6 – Aids in the functioning of red blood cells
     Potassium – Essential for cellular function. Important for the cells which make up skeletal and cardiac muscle
     Vegetable Hydrolysate
– Enhances palatability of food
     Beet Pulp – Helps move hairballs through the digestive tract which reduces the risk of digestive upset causing felines to vomit hairballs
     Algae – A source of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & fibre
     Brewers yeast – Excellent source of B vitamins. Keeps eyes, skin & coat healthy. Supports liver & immune system. Increases energy levels due to its high protein
     Chicory root – The main source of inulin (a type of fibre) which promotes mineral absorption and can help to reduce litterbox odour
     Rosemary extract – A natural preservative that helps prevent oxidation & maintains product quality

Frequently Asked Questions

At My Muezza, we use halal chicken & halal meat obtained from a trustworthy source, approved by us.

There is no obligation to feed your cat halal. However, to prevent any risk of cross-contamination, we believe if the option is there then why not? As a Muslim family, we prefer to keep halal within our home.

We obtain our chicken from an approved source overseas.

Not to worry! Why not check out our transition guide on our product page? (also on the back of our bag) This will show you how to gradually introduce My Muezza as part of a new diet for your feline. If you are still having difficulty, why not get in touch with us via Instagram & send us a direct message. We can try to provide some more advice & have a chat about your fussy eater!

Head over to the back of our bag for storage instructions & find the best before date printed at the top of the packaging

We will never claim we are better than anyone. But we do take pride on introuducing halal cat food in the 21st century & by using high quality ingredients which is what makes our recipe premium.

We are based in the UK

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