Our Recipe

At My Muezza, we believe in feeding our cats the best we can. Our recipe is filled with natural, premium ingredients & seasoned with a heap-full of love.

"Cats have it all: endless sleep, food without labour, and company only when they want it"

– Rod Mckuen

Premium, Halal, Natural

We wanted to create a premium, palatable & halal recipe for all felines. So, we did just that. Our formula contains high levels of protein obtained from freshly prepared chicken as well as the important omega oils for your feline’s health. We sincerely believe love is the most important ingredient.

That’s why we have dedicated our time and explored our passion hand in hand with one of the UK’S leading nutritionists. David Southey’s 25+ years of expertise combined with our generations of feline love have helped create the purr-fect blend of nutrition to tempt your feline to a delicious my muezza meal.

Tried and tested by our keen kitties

At My Muezza our products are continually reviewed by our feline fussy eaters. If there is ever a shortage of My Muezza, these 3 are to blame!

Our Kibbles

We have considered kibble size. As for us, through experience with our felines it is definitely an important factor. To ensure your feline can comfortably pick their kibble up and enjoy their meal, we have chosen a slightly different formation between the adult & kitten.

For our adult felines, we have tailored our kibbles to be larger, ensuring more of a crunch to help reduce a build-up of tartar which can result in poor oral health. As for our kittens, a smaller heart shaped kibble to ensure ease and comfort throughout a my muezza meal.